Joppa Dance Co.

Joppa Dance Company is non-competitive 501c3 youth dance troupe based at The Dance Place in Newburyport, MA. Joppa members learn a wide range of styles and create their own choreography for seasonal performances.

Joppa Jazz Dance Company was founded over twenty years ago, originally as an adult troupe, but now consists of children and teens ranging from 4th to 12th grade, (Joppa Jr. (grades 4-6), Joppa 2, (grades 7-8), Joppa T2 (grades 9-10) and Joppa Teen, (grades 10-12).


Auditions are held every June.


Once a member, all dancers must attend ballet class, company class, and rehearsal every week. Joppa members have the opportunity to perform throughout the year, attend master classes, and create their own choreography. 


Instead of competitions, the focus is on the process, technique and artistic expression. Many members continue to dance after they graduate, and have gone on to make their marks in the modern dance world. We are proud of all our gifted and beautiful dancers.